Alkoniser Drinking Water System

ICONIC Alkoniser Drinking Water system [IC-DW]

An advanced and compact six-stage reverse osmosis system that connects directly to your main water supply and sits neatly underneath your sink without the need for electricity.

ICONIC Pure Drinking Water system Advanced Process [IC-DW]

  • STAGE 1: Advanced sediment filter — Removes dust, particles, and rust
  • STAGE 2: Advanced carbon block filter — Removes chlorine, tastes, odours, cloudiness, colours, VOCs and other chemicals
  • STAGE 3: Advanced second carbon block filter — Removes further, residual chemicals, tastes and odours to guarantee purity
  • STAGE 4: Advanced RO membrane filter — Removes up to 99% of all contaminants including arsenic, lead, fluoride, heavy metals and much more
  • STAGE 5: Advanced remineralisation filter — After the purification process takes place the water is then remineralised with natural food-grade essential trace minerals which alkalise the water with the use of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium
  • STAGE 6: Advanced ionisation filter — The water then goes through an ionisation process giving it a negative ORP value as low as -500mv. This process produces powerful anti-oxidants. This unit provides you with pure H2O+ that saves you from purchasing bottled water.

The system comes with a lifetime warranty, please note the drinking water system requires annual service and filter replacement for the system to be covered under our warranty.

Please contact our sales team for further assistance.

Understanding the importance of the Acid / Alkaline or pH balance of the body

  • pH is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity
  • The pH scale ranges from 1 – 14, less than 7 is acidic, greater than 7 is alkaline
  • 7.0 is neutral and blood pH must be kept alkaline, with a pH range of 7.35 to 7.45
  • Many of us are filling our bodies with acidic food and drink on a daily basis which lowers our pH balance, making our bodies work a lot harder to balance our blood pH, this results in oxygen deprivation at the cellular level and this means we must consume alkaline foods and water to prevent our bodies from becoming acidic

Upgrade with a Three-Way Designer Kitchen Taps. 

Customers looking for a high-quality, lead-free, designer kitchen tap to use with their Iconic drinking water system can choose from our range of three-way taps below.   Prices start at just £249.00 including fitting.  Upgraded taps can be requested with any filter inquiry.
Please note this will replace your existing kitchen tap.